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Invaluable Data Protection & Technology Services

Protect your company the right way with data protection and technology services from Dap Solutions in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. My strategies help you secure what's important for the operation of your business.

Technology Protection

Keep your systems protected from possible identity theft and viruses with my services. My strategies, upgrades, and recommendations help you protect data and financial information. For this service, I provide data protection for businesses, as well as protection for individual, personal computers systems. This includes troubleshooting, and malware and virus protection.

Computer Security - Technology Services


Technology services are $75 for individual support, and $250 for identity theft and malware upgrades. For $100 per month, I offer support for small businesses, with six months paid in advance requirement for upgrades to malware and virus protection. I am always on-call and solve technical problems within 48 hours, and monthly maintenance in two hours for small businesses.

Contact me for data protection services, and have peace of mind in knowing you're covered.